Sterling Herkimer Diamond threaders

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These Herkimer ear threaders are a natural treat! One of a kind diamonds mined from Herkimer N.Y. are featured on these sweet silver threader earrings.

Each solitaire Herkimer diamond drop has unique facets, no two alike.
- A perfect April birthstone gift!
- Silver wrapped Herkimer Diamond drops
- .925 Sterling silver ear threader earrings

Order 1 single earring threader OR a complete pair!
Choose from 2 lengths:
- 2.5 inch length
- 3.5 inch length
(These lengths are the approximate measurement of each threader earring Including the bar and gemstone)

Simply hold the silver bar and slowly pull though your ear as if you’re inserting a stud earring.
Adjust to your personal preference. I love to wear my own pair of sterling chain ear threaders with the moonstone up high and the chain longer on the back of my ear. I also use a dab of Neosporin ointment on my ears (then wipe the excess off after) It makes pulling the chain through very easy with less resistance.

***Threader earrings are not recommended for those with “stretched out” ear holes from heavy earring use, the chain is very small (2mm in thickness) and the earrings may not stay in place.