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This supernatural charm bracelet perfectly showcases our four favorite boys.
Loaded with charms, this Supernatural jewelry is perfect for everyday wearing or the ultimate finish to your cosplay outfit.

  • 100% stainless steel soldered chain bracelet
  • Lead and nickel free charms
  • Fully adjustable for a perfect fit from 6 to 9" inches
  • Arrives ready for gifting in it’s own little pouch 

Every charm bracelet includes:

- Impala “baby” charm 

- Slice of delicious pie
- Squirrel
- Hand stamped “Bitch” charm
- Hand stamped Baby’s License plate
- Cassette tape
- Demon amulet
- Salt and burn vial (It opens up too!)
- Anti possession pentacle
- Moose
- Hand stamped “Jerk” charm
- Sam’s lost shoe
- Pentagram
- Trench coat
- Hand stamped “Assbutt” charm
- Angel wing
- Tie
- Colt gun
- Hand stampedBobby’s hat
- Hand stamped “Idjit” charm
- .40 Caliber spent bullet casing

Designed by and Sold exclusively by Wanderlust Hearts