Citrine silver threaders

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The best new trends in earrings. These .925 sterling silver threader earrings are adorned with Novembers beautiful birthstone the Citrine. Delicate sterling chain earrings with natural gemstones are perfect for gifting!


- Natural Citrine gemstone

- .925 Sterling silver threader earrings

- Choose from two lengths

  • 2.5 inches

  • 3.5 inches

Simply hold the silver bar and slowly pull though your ear.
Adjust to your personal preference. I love to wear my own pair of ear threaders with the moonstone up high and the chain longer on the back of my ear. I also use a dab of Neosporin ointment on my ears. It makes pulling the chain through very easy with less resistance.

**Threader earrings are not recommended for those with “stretched out” ear holes as the chain is very small (2mm) and the earrings may not stay in place.